Free Battery Check

Are you feeling 'Positive' or 'Negative' about your car battery?

Overtime, a battery will lose its charge if it has not been used.  This is due to there being some electrics that work in the background while your car is turned off.  With the National lockdown there has been a significant reduction in the mileage people are doing in their vehicles, and more problems are coming from the underuse of vehicle rather than overuse.

If you're worried your battery may not be at full health you can call in at Boro for a battery check and get a free Battery health report.  Ring us on 01723 376153 between 08:00 and 18:00 Monday to Friday to book in or message us directly on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BoroTyresAutocentres 

Tips for Winter Driving!

Top Tips for driving in the winter!

1) Keep the Revs as low as possible.  Using a higher gear than normal will help reduce the chances of your wheels spinning, therefore keeping you more in control of your car.

2) Anticipation.  Looking further ahead in the road and being alert will help with being able to start slowing down earlier and gentler reducing the chance of skidding.

3) Tyres.  Winter Tyres are optimal at temperatures below 7 degrees. Generally, they are a softer compound making it easier to retain grip in the ice and snow. 

If you are wanting to book a FREE Winter Check // A Free Tyre Check // get a Free quote on some Winter Tyres. Ring us on 01723 376153 or message us on Facebook for enquiries at all our Depots.

Courtesy Vehicles

If you're a key worker we have you covered!

If you need a vehicle for essential journeys when your car is in with us we have a fleet of courtesy cars and vans available.  Let us know in advance if you would be requiring a Courtesy vehicle so we can make sure one is available, sanitised, and ready to keep you on the road.

Ring us on 01723 376153 if you need to book your car in for an MOT, maintenance, or repairs.

Alternatively, message us on Facebook for bookings at any of our branches.

Pay Assist

Just pay 25% today!

To help you with the post-Christmas funds, we have a finance option available for your repairs. We are here to help.

If you are looking to book in some repairs or a service, one of our helpful and understanding team members will be able to send off a pay assist request, to balance your payments evenly over 3 months, just pay 25% of your bill up front.
Please note the request for this can take a few hours, so please mention your intent to pay this way in advance of your booking. We can only use this method before we begin the repairs.

More info:
0% APR.
4 Instalments.
Credit check is undertaken.
Only available on selected Tyres.
Trusted by over 400,000 people.

Ring us on 01723 376153 for bookings at any of our depots to keep you moving on your essential journeys.

Stopping Distance

Lets talk Stopping Distance!

The 3 main parts of Stopping Distance are...

Thinking distance, the vehicle's brakes, and the vehicle's grip. 

Thinking distance: how long it takes from the driver perceiving a requirement to stop, to initiating the stopping process - being alert at the wheel and looking well ahead in the road can help you anticipate hazards. 

Brakes: there are a couple of components involved when you press the brake pedal, these would all come under inspection of a Full Service. You can ring us here at Boro and we will do you a free quote on a Service for your vehicle whether it be a Standard Service or a Manufacturers Service you require. 

Grip: all to do with the 4 parts of your car that touch the road- the tyres (unless you have a Reliant Robin of course then it will be 3). The better the tread is on your tyres and the higher quality the tyre is, the shorter your braking distance is going to be.

You can book in at Boro for a free tyre check and get a free quote on a range of tyres to suit your needs.  Ring us on 01723 376153 to book your vehicle to keep you safe on your essential journeys.

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