Any Tyre for Any Purpose

Landing this month!

We are going to be able to supply and fit Falken's new WILDPEAK A/T generation.  The AT3WA, is engineered for any adventure, at any time and in any weather. The AT3WA combines durable off-road ability and rugged terrain driving without compromises on the road. It represents a true ALL TERRAIN performance tyre.

These will be available at all Boro Tyres Depots, just give us a ring and we will be happy to help!

Scarborough: 01723 376153

Driffield: 01377 252896

Bridlington: 01262 601999

Or message us on Facebook for enquiries at all depots.



We have been seeing a large increase of vehicles with expired #MOT's. While we had the extension for MOT's in the first national #lockdown, a vast amount of MOT due dates have changed.

The penalty for driving without an up-to-date MOT is a fine up to £1,000 and can invalidate your #insurance.  This is much more expensive than booking in with us for just £45.

Ring us to check when your MOT is due, or enquire on our website and our friendly staff will be sure to help you out.

For all enquiries, visit out Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/BoroTyresAutocentres


Winter Tyre Swap

It's getting warmer!!

Have you got some #WinterTyres you want to change back to Summer Tyres for the upcoming seasons?

Winter Tyres are optimised to work below 7o Celsius and fortunately the weather forecast has been giving us some sunny days as of late!

Ring us to make an appointment, prices start at £15 p/wheel!

Or message us on Facebook for all enquiries.

Puncture Kit

Don't feel deflated!

For your peace of mind, we now offer a puncture kit. Not only will this kit save you if you have a puncture, and enable you to keep mobile, it is one of the best looking spare wheels I've seen!

But what if you already have a foam repair kit?

Foam kits can still cause damage to the sidewall of a tyre after they've been used. The Green Flag say "for every one in five flat tyres they don't work" I wouldn't fancy my chances if I was in the middle of nowhere.

The Kit comes with:

-Aluminium Space Saver Wheel

-TUV Approved Jack

-Storage Bag

You can get yours now from £199

Be Safe on the School Run

Cars are made to be driven, and when they're not used for a while, issues can arise. With your vehicle likely having covered much less mileage than usual throughout the lockdown, make sure your essential journey is safe by booking in at Boro.

Call us on 01723 376153 for Scarborough or message us on our Facebook page.

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